Comments on The Carrot Seed

Read the story, The Carrot Seed. When you read the book, The Carrot Seed, how do you connect to the story? What do you think about regarding your own experiences, and how the story connects to what you know?

Maybe other books you’ve read. Maybe you’ve planted a garden and you know that sometimes it takes awhile for things to grow and come up.

I want to go through the pictures in the story. What pictures did you have in your mind. Look at the mother. The little boy is just listening to what everyone says to him. The father. The brother. The little boy pulls up the weeds and he has his watering can. He’s watching it, but he doesn’t see anything coming up. He’s still watching. Maybe he is a little more concerned. Then everyone tells him that it won’t come up.

But the little boy is persistent. And he continues to believe. He continues to water the ground around it, pull up the weeds. Then he sees something. His eyes see what his heart had already seen. What he already believed would happen. And yes, that carrot did grow.

What are some things that you can talk about?

Well, of course you have the narrative text structure. You have the title, the setting, the characters, the problem, the resolution, and the theme. What is the lesson to you?

What is the important point of the story? What will you take away from the story after you  have heard it or read it? These are things to point out.

What you might also do if you are reading this to a child is have the child go back through and retell the story using the pictures. You don’t have to be able to read it. It is good for language development too.

You might want to go and plant something and watch it grow. That way you will be connecting the story to your experiences. Talk about it. And know that for things to grow, for plants to grow, people to grow, it takes time. It takes believing. And it takes persistence.