Language Patterns: Main Character

The main character pattern may not seem like a language pattern. This pattern is contained in a story, which also has the chronological events, but the main character pattern is a something to point out.

In the book, Cornelius,the main character is Cornelius. In another book, Tillie and the Wall, the main character is Tillie. We experience the events in the story by looking through the eyes of the main character, or in this case, Tillie.

Another is Beaky. All these main characters, because they each are part of a story, they have a problem. Children are learning that when we have a character, we are likely to have a story, because every good story has a problem.

The character is going to go through a problem, find a solution, and experience a resolution. We can also talk about the themes that are in the text that are illustrated through the main character.