I want to share with you about language patterns that you will find in children’s books. There are eight of them.

The reasons we want to teach patterns, and I’m not saying that you need to teach the pattern directly to the child that you are reading to, but you can point it out. And one of the reasons that we do that is because patterns help us predict. Just like with behavior. When you know the pattern of someone’s behavior, it is easier to predict it.

Well, when students, or children, can predict what is going to come next in a text it helps them read. It helps them with their decoding, with the clues of what the word might be. It can also help them with their understanding or comprehension.

So, I am going to point out some patterns for the purpose of being able to predict, which then increases comprehension. Remember, reading is about making meaning. We want students to gain meaning. Not just bark at the text, or the print, but to have an experience where they gain in their understanding. Hopefully, of themselves, of their world, and of the book.